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Gracias a ELA, por darme la oportunidad de disfrutar y aprender con mi autogiro 07, y ahora por esta maravilla que es el nuevo 10-Eclipse, increíble por dentro y por fuera.
Un placer que recomiendo probar.

David Fandila ‘FANDI’

Moving from Helicopter R22 to gyro flying, was made easy with the stylish ELA 08, including my second ELA the 07S, I appreciate with every flight the improvements and additional quality that has been built in to the ELA gyro’s. After more than 8 years flying ELA’s  I am still a happy owner and enjoy the endless hours of traversing the South African landscape. ELA puts the zen back in my life…VIVA ELA!!!

Peter Thome

Hi my name is Erik and lives in Sweden and flies a lot with my Ela Eclipse has flown many different brands but the eclipse is something out of the ordinary. On the picture me and my daughter. thank you ela for a good and safe gyrocopter greeting .

Erik Ryden

Soy piloto ELA desde hace más de 15 años. He tenido en mis manos diferentes modelos de autogiro ELA y actualmente poseo un 09-Junior. Estoy muy contengo con él; es un máquina ágil, maniobrable y muy estable. Me siento cuidado en la atención como cliente y eso tiene mucho valor para mí.

Lárazo Sáchez

Having purchased our ELA07S-Classic with the guidance of David Owen from Fleurieu Gyroplanes in South Australia, we have now done 120 hours of flying in training and solo flights and now recording more than 300 landings and take offs. This journey has been one of enjoyment and excitement and can only speak highly of our machine. We feel safe and secure knowing that our machine has been well built by one of the best manufactures of Gyroplanes in the world. We have loved our flying experience to date thanks to Dave and we both look forward to using our machine for many adventures on our Station – Mount Eba situated in the middle of South Australia.

Margie J

A few years ago,  I went to Fuente Obejuna ELA Aviation.

Into the factory, the new ELA : Junior 09.

Immediatly , I falled in love with this gyrocopter.

Perfect look, Easy to control everything .

In flight, perfect maniability and maxi reactivity in all types of flight.

My Junior was the first one but  now, it’s my best sky friend of every day .

Hundreds hours later,  the dream is the same  than during the first flight.

ELA isn’t just a factory but my friends and my flight’s family.

Eric « Taz » Lambert

After flying for many years with airplanes, I wanted to change and try, without knowing almost anything about autogiro, this new experience.
I was thrilled, not only because the Eclipse, despite being an autogiro, can fly fast, but for the extremely great handling of the machine.
It allows you to fly as slow as a hang glider and comfortably admire the landscape, or almost as fast as a plane.
It allows you to make maneuvers that would be unthinkable with an airplane. The take-off and landing spaces are really really short.
In conclusion, it’s so much fun and I really like it! My first impressions after flying with my new Eclipse are without a doubt absolutely fantastic!!!
Thanks ELA !!!!

Walter Barbaranelli​

​Hello, everybody is Pietro Natile Eclipse pilot.
And I’ll being world being the world, I’ve recently been able to visit the Ela house,
high – level builders and professionalism… have spent happy days.

Pietro Natile

​”To go for an ELA Eclipse 10 was the best decision!
I love the design, the comfort and the focus to every detail of this plane.
The high agility in combination with its power gives you almost the feeling of flying a fighter jet ;).”

Oliver Rossbruch

​Before buying an autogiro, I tested some built by different companies. Just so I understood the
difference between floating in the air and run about the clouds like I was on a wonderful and performing
This is the reason why I bought an ELA 07.
When recently I visited the ELA factory and I met the Owners and all the staff I had the proof that I
had done the right thing …… Thanks to you all for the emotions you give me every day

Fabrizio Anzellotti

​Me llamo Juan Carlos, siempre me encantaron los autogiros y en su día, me pareció que la mejor marca era ELA, por lo que decidí adquirir un 07.
Con él me lo pasé genial, sin ninguna incidencia y disfrutando mucho.
Después de algunos años y cientos de horas de vuelo, decidí realizar lo que yo llamo evolución.
Adquirí un Eclipse con motor 914.
Si antes disfrutaba, ahora es mejor todavía.
Más velocidad, menos consumo y calefacción en invierno, un lujo no solo para el piloto sino más para el acompañante.
La realización de las mismas maniobras que hacia con el 07, las realiza con una mayor seguridad.
Las maletas, me permiten llevar todo lo necesario para mis vacaciones.
Una aeronave fantástica,

Gracias ELA Aviación.

Juan Carlos

After long careers as airline pilots, the return to the purity and simplicity of light aircraft flight is a great delight.
There is no better way to enjoy this than experiencing the freedom and manoeuvrability of an ELA gyrocopter. In our case, our open cockpit ELA07S gives a special sensation of raw,
‘wind in your hair’ flight.

British Airways captains Laurie and Karen Sanderson

Laurie and Karen Sanderson